Why Carpet Cleaning is Important for Pet Owners

It’s vital for pet owners to clean their carpets regularly. Of course, as a pet owner, you really love your pet. They are cuddly and furry members of your family. However, your pet is also a breathing and living organism without the ability to classify their personal needs and grooming. They don’t also have the common sense of humans. Because of this, your carpet will be affected inevitably by your pet’s presence in the house.  

This is not a bad thing. This is especially true if you regularly hire professional carpet cleaners Sault Ste. Marie.  

You might think that your pet is doing nothing wrong if you really adore and love them. However, they often do, whether it is intentional or not. Here are a couple of the most popular carpet contamination issues caused by our furry friends. 

Grass and Dirt Stains 

Cleaning up stains in the carpet is not always as easy as getting rid of the dirt on your grout and tile. Keep in mind that your pets are not wearing shoes whenever they go outside. Thus, they are bringing in grass and dirt and whatever else they’ve stepped on outside whenever you walk them back in your home. They will track these contaminants all over your carpet. Wiping the paws of your pet will not be thorough enough to protect the carpet.  

Odor Contamination 

As a pet owner, you probably know that pets can often get a bit smelly. They probably haven’t had a bath in a while. You might bathe your pet often or do an emergency washing in the dirtiest of times. However, the odors of your pet can still stick around and penetrate the carpet for longer that you will like.  

Shedding Contamination 

For those who don’t know, animals do not only shed fur, even if you’ve got a non-shedding or short-hair pet. Your pet typically produces dander. Also, your pet might leave oils in the fibers of your carpet whenever they roll around it. This problem can also impact your upholstery.  

Feces and Urine Contamination 

If you own a pet, then they’ve gone to the bathroom on your floor more than once, right? Perhaps it’s because of spitefulness, laziness, elderly incontinence, puppy innocence, or stomach bug. Urine contamination can be totally odorless or it can smell awful. This can impact how fast the affected area is identified and tended to. Also, urine isn’t always simply a surface contamination, just like any liquid on carpet. It can sink deep through the fibers of your carpet and into the floorboards and underlay. Of course, stool is simply disgusting.  

Your carpet will start to look soiled and dirty if they aren’t cleaned regularly. This still can be true even if you regularly spot-treat and vacuum your carpets. If you’ve got a pet in your house, the soiling of your carpet will increase tenfold. Also, the fibers are probably going to be soiled faster and look dirty than normal. Because of that, you need to hire a carpet cleaner regularly.